Katy Perry admires Lady Gaga

Pop star Katy Perry admires artists such as Lady Gaga and Freddie Mercury as they try to "create the mood" for a performance through their outfits.

The 25-year-old singer, who is well known for her love of skimpy clothing, admits she admires performers who portray emotion through their clothes, Female First online reported. "The thing with all great dressers in rock is that they create the mood for the music to work," Perry said.

"Lady Gaga prepares the way for what's coming musically by wearing a dress made of bubbles of having soda cans in her hair. When you see that you know she is going to mess with your head. Freddie Mercury was the same," she added.

When asked what was her favorite outfit of Queen's lead vocalist Mercury, she said, "Oh, the red and white queen cape with red or orange pants and Adidas trainers. I wore that for a birthday party."

"Then, when I introduced Russell at the Video Music Awards, and we did a little 'We Will Rock You', I wore my own version of Freddie's stuff," she added

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