Hollywood's tattoo goof-ups

US singer Brandy recently got a Ganesha tattoo and proudly announced it to the world, posting pics and saying that he was an 'Egyptian God'! Here are some other international celebs who've goofed up with phoren tattoos.

US singer Brandy was lucky – she had a world wide web full of fans to alert her to a mistake immediately. She got a tattoo of the Hindu God Ganesha, and posted pics online – one of her posing with the artiste who did the tattoo, and then a close-up of the finished tattoo.

When a fan asked her online if it was Ganesha, she said, "Yes it is!!! Egyptian god! Remover of all obstacles." Thankfully, a better informed fan soon corrected her and told her that Ganesha is a Hindu deity, not an Egyptian one. "Got it!! Good looking out babes," she replied.

Ricky Martin
The Aramaic tattoo on Ricky's shoulder, says blogger Steve Caruso has been tattooed left to right, whereas Aramaic is read right to left! Caruso, who can read Aramaic, discovered this when a client of his asked him to replicate that design.


Rihanna has not one but two tattoos that have been at the centre of debate – a French one that says 'rebelle fleur' but should have been the other way round, and another on her side that misspells the Sanskrit word for 'forgiveness'.

Hayden Panettiere
The actress from the US TV series "Heroes" has an Italian tattoo that means 'to live without regret', but instead of 'vivere senza rimpianti', it says 'vivere senza rimipianti'. How about tattooing without regrets, Hayden?

Britney Spears
The famously troubled pop singer got a curiously appropriate tattoo by mistake. On her hip bone, she got a tattoo that she thought was the Japanese symbol for 'mysterious'. But the symbol actually means 'strange'. Divine intervention, you think?

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