Zac Efron makes love on 'the kitchen table'

Zac Efron says his favorite place to have sex is "the kitchen table".

The 'High School Musical' star revealed the racy preference and insisted people should be willing to ''explore'' more inventive locations for their lovemaking.

Speaking in an interactive Q&A for his new movie 'That Awkward Moment', he admitted: ''You have to explore the space. I'm a big fan of the kitchen table.''

The actor also opened up about his deal breakers in relationships, insisting while he doesn't have many ground rules, he refuses to watch 2005 film 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants'.

Zac added: ''That's a deal breaker. Even ten minutes of the best sex is not worth sitting through [it].''

He recently discussed what he considers to be vital aspects of a relationship, and explained he looks for someone to be ''honest and up-front'', although he admitted it can be difficult to open up.
He previously said: ''I think the most important thing for me in a relationship is honesty.

''In the beginning, sometimes girls don't show their genuine personality ... Just be honest and up-front. I think that's the hardest.''

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