Jennifer Lawrence on total detox?

Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly on a 'total detox' on the advice of her parents.

The 26-year-old beauty has spoken openly in the past about enjoying a tipple, but she's now given up on alcohol and is trying to lead a healthier lifestyle on the advice of her mother and father, Karen and Gary Lawrence, reported Female First.

"Jen has been keeping a low profile and staying away from people who could get her into bad habits," a source said. 

"She's on a total detox right now, which means no boozing or partying, trying to cut out junk food and get fit too. Before she went to Canada in June [to work on 'Day 6'], her parents sat her down and gave her a talking to."

"They don't want her to get a reputation. Now she's been on lots of hikes and there are hardly any marathon drinking sessions anymore. She's almost vegan now, although she does lapse occasionally." 

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