Andrew Garfield wanted to get past the idea of self-glory

Actor Andrew Garfield says for his role in 'Silence' he wanted to get rid of the feeling of 'self-glory'.

In the Martin Scorsese-directed film the actor plays a Catholic missionary who, along with a fellow priest played by Adam Driver, set out to Japan in search of their missing mentor (Liam Neeson).

"With 'Silence', there was longing. I wanted my ego to get beaten up. I wanted to get past this idea of self-glory, that limited perspective on life and what's meaningful." "It was a wonderful journey to go on because it's the pulverisation of the ego and the cracking open of the small self to reveal the deeper self inside and to truly inhabit the world in a more mature way. I hope that some of that rubbed off," Garfield said.

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