Gwyneth Paltrow asks to take precautions against Coronavirus using her film 'Contagion' reference

Pepper Pots aka Gwyneth Paltrow recently took to her Instagram and shared a post where she asked her fans to take precautions against coronavirus.

The actress posted a picture of herself from a plane on her way to Paris. Well, she didn't want to take any risks hence she wore the N95 mask for the same. Sharing a picture of her wearing the mask, she captioned the post, "Paranoid? Prudent? Panicked? Placid? Pandemic? Propaganda? Paltrow's just going to go ahead and sleep with this thing on the plane," she wrote. "I've already been in this movie. Stay safe. Don't shake hands. Wash hands frequently."

The film which the actress referred is probably 'Contagion' in which a quick-spreading pandemic leaves Paltrow's character dead in the first few minutes of the film.

Soon, Kate Hudson commented, "At least you have the right mask!!!"

Previously, Kate wore a regular surgical mask as a precaution and posted a picture on Instagram. However, the Department of Health and Human Services had said that regular surgical mask won't work against Coronavirus but N95 masks can!

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