Miley’s nail-biting experience

The singer-actress was turned down by a salon when she went there for a manicure.

Not all are star struck and singer-actress Miley Cyrus learnt that when she barged into a London salon without an appointment for a manicure. The 17-year-old was asked to leave as they had other clients to attend to! Obviously, Miley’s chart status didn’t impress the salon at all.

“Miley walked into the salon with her friend Scotti, who’s accompanied her on her trip to the UK. But when she was asked to leave by the salon, Miley was pretty embarassed and walked out with her head down,” said a source. Unfortunately, the papparazzi was there to capture her embarassment on camera. Luckily for her, there was another salon just down the road that accommodated her.

Miley was in London to perform at one of the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent last week after which she decided to stay on in London to shop.

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