Daniel Radcliffe in a bra!

As the screening of 'Harry and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1' approaches, a new trailer of the film has been released where Daniel Radcliffe can be seen posing in girl's bra.

However, hardcore fans of the series will know that it isn't a case of Harry cross-dressing, but is in fact one of his friends, disguised as the Boy Wizard.

In a pivotal early scene, Harry must be transported from his aunt and uncle's home, where he is protected from his enemy Lord Voldermort, to another location, reports the Daily Mail .

In the trailer we see Fleur (disguised as Harry), the student who competed against Harry in the Tri-Wizard tournament in fourth instalment 'The Goblet of Fire', forced to change out of her female clothing.

'The Deathly Hallows' follows Harry's final journey as the moment that he must face his evil nemesis approaches.

The seventh book has been split into two parts; Part 1 will to be released in the UK in November whereas the following part 2 is scheduled to be released in July next year.

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