Pattinson,Stewart hooked to board games

Hollywood's latest couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have become avid players of board games including chess, Monopoly and Scrabble on the set of their new movie .

The 'Twilight' stars host "game nights" on the set of the last movie in the vampire series, 'Breaking Dawn', challenging each other to board games, reported Sun online.

The on and off-screen lovers also invite co-stars Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene to join them to beat the boredom during filming breaks.

"Rob and Kristen have hours to burn on set and have got massively into board games. It gets competitive. There have been tantrums over snakes and ladders," said a source.

Stewart's enthusiasm for board games will come as no surprise to Robert who has admitted he fell for the star because she is so down-to-earth.

The 24-year-old actor - who stars as vampire Edward Cullen opposite Stewart, who plays Bella Swan in the franchise - has praised her for being a "real woman".

"What I especially like about her is that she's like me, not dizzy from fans and press attention. She stays true to herself and very smart for her age," said Pattinson, who has never confirmed they are dating.

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