Rashida Jones, Donald Glover join hands for Time's Up animated video

Taking the fight against sexual harassment one step forward, Time's Up Movement, released a public service announcement in the form of a video which was directed by Rashida Jones and narrated by Donald Glover. The PSA shows how power dynamics function within the workplace with Glover asking a series of questions to give the viewers an insight into the one's behavior.

"Has the current wave of sexual allegations left you scared, confused, maybe even a little angry? It's the culture shifting under your feet so fast you can't make sense of it," he says as animated characters portray the emotions. 

Glover then answers some 'frequently asked questions' about sexual harassment. "Is it okay to greet your co-worker with a deep, full body hug or mouth kiss? No. This is what we call unwelcome touching," he says. Even if someone does not view the affectionate touching as sexual, Glover says, "Still, it's a no."

The actor-singer then proceeds to ask the second question that if it is okay to "think a co-worker looks sexy in their pants?" He says, "Sure. Think away. But is it okay to tell that person you think they look sexy?" The answer is no. 

Glover then asks if it was okay to ask someone out at work. "Maybe," he says. He then asks a number of questions first, "What kind of power dynamic is this? Are you their boss? Do you have a more secure job? Is there a possibility that this person may fear getting fired if they say no or report you? Is it possible the vibe you think you're picking up on is just them trying to be nice?"

He concludes, "If the answer is yes to any of these questions, just don't do it." The video encourages viewers to act out when they see or hear about sexual harassment, "It's your problem. It's like a Ouija board. If you're not pushing or pulling, then the people who are pushing and pulling get to make the rules."

Jones told a tabloid that the three-minute-long video is not a mandate and they are not telling people how to lead their lives. "This is really just to incite self-reflection and for people to look at the way they behave in their workplaces," she said.

Jones explained that choosing Glover as a narrator was an attempt to include men in the conversation. The viral video,"Tea Consent" was used as an inspiration for the PSA. The studio has also written and animated the Time's Up video.

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