Mila Kunis opens up about the 'ugly' side of social media

Actress Mila Kunis has addressed her absence from the social media, saying the platform is not "fun" any longer. The 34-year-old actress told to a magazine that she arrived late at the social media scene and soon got acquainted to its "ugly" side.

"I was so late to that train. I remember at some point my roommate was like, 'You know, there's a thing called Facebook,' and I was like, 'What is this Facebook? Who's gonna poke each other? That's just weird'," Kunis said.

The actress said she reconnected with her co-star and husband Ashton Kutcher via social media.

"He used to be incredibly forward-thinking with social media when the intent was to connect to people. But it took an ugly turn and became all about who can be the loudest, who can be the angriest and the most negative. Then it's just not a fun game to play," Kunis added.

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