Did Nikki Bella take a dig at ex boyfriend John Cena?

Fans around the world were disappointed when John Cena and Nikka Bella parted ways in July earlier this year. One of the most popular couples in the wrestling world, the two had been very open about their relationship and even featured in shows like ‘Total Divas’ and ‘Total Bellas’, which documented the ups and downs of their lives. The reason for the break-up seems to be their different views on marriage and children, and although there were reports that the two remained friends post their break-up, Nikki’s recent comment makes it seem like the two have drifted apart quite a bit. At a recent event, Nikki and her sister Brie Bella introduced singer-songwriter Dua Lipa. When Nikki was asked who she’d like to say ‘Thank U, next’ to, the wrestler said, People who come in and out of your life. I guess I gotta say, ‘Thank U, next’.”

‘Thank U, Next’ happens to be Ariana Grande’s most recent song that has gone viral and is dedicated to all her ex boyfriends. Fans have quickly jumped to conclusions that Nikki’s statement was an indirect reference to her ex John Cena, who had recently tweeted about the break-up.

In his tweet, he wrote, ‘Never ignore your emotions. Feel and recognize them all. But never act purely based on them. If you feel a certain way, ask why? You may save a misunderstanding or two. It’s said all good things must end. I believe all bad things do as well. Hang in there to all those struggling. Hoping good things come soon.’

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